Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, January 4

joy ride

mmmm,,, ikut2 ninda ah,, posting lirik,, xP,,

Baby baby don't you ever let go
More and more until we both overflow
Got a feeling that my heart's never known
I found love

Tender kisses and I'm floating on air
You can have me anytime, anywhere
When you need me I will always be there
I found love

And our love goes round and round
Way up high, a joy ride
We can touch the stars above
We found love

And our love was heaven sent
From the day we first met
We've got something they can't touch
We found love

Loving you is like a taste of heaven
Wanna gaze into your eyes forever
Run away and spend our lives together
I've found love

Baby baby
All it takes is one touch
And immediately I feel a rush
Baby girl, too much is never enough
I found love

I don't need anything
When you're here next to me
Nobody in this whole wide world
Could ever replace you in my eyes
We found paradise
Forever you and I

Our love goes round and round
On a joy ride
(with ya babe, with ya babe,with ya babe, with you baby)

Joy Ride
Mariah Carey
Emancipation Of MiMi

*huhu,, buat kamuu,, x),,


ninda_the_sapi said...

aaaaahh ngikut2 aje lu! x) xP

dhana said...

biarin,, week,,