Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, May 20

Lisa is a Map

did you know that lisa simpson is a fan of Maple? ('Apple' in The Simpsons)

lisa is excited when she founds out that their Mall has an Maple Store

lisa uses an MyMap (iMac)? lol

Milhouse using an MyPod. :))

lisa working at Maple as an MyPod lol

Sunday, May 17

Pingin Makan Terus :D

i don't know why.

but i ate a lot these days. :D

kayak, gw selalu ingin mengunyah. mungkin gw harus mengenal permen karet :P
gw makan banyak g meng-gendut..

.. tapi agak membuncit. kayak Om om. :D

Thursday, May 14

Kris Allen Top 3 Performance

i watched the top 3 american idol season 8 performances last night.

Kris Allen did an amazing performance. He sang a whole different version of Kanye's Heartless. After this episode, i wish that adam lambert leave tonight. :D

cant wait for the iTunes Version.

go to american idol's website for videos and pictures.
(takut nge-upload gambarnya. nanti kena legal-right lg :P)


a cold morning in 6-am

i'll try to be more faithful to this blog.