Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, November 23

love it,! love it,!


sekarang gw cuman pengen mosting lagu fave gw ajaaa,,, xD,,

I imagine the world without you,,
But most time,,
I'm just so happy that I ever found

Its a complicated web,,
That you weave inside my head,,
So much pleasure with such pain,,
We always always stay the same,,

I'm feeling the way you cross my
And you save me in the knick of time,,
I'm riding the highs,,
I'm digging the lows,

Cuz at least,,

I feel alive,,
I never faced so many emotional days,,
But my life is good,,
I'm feeling you,,,,,,,
I'm feeling you,,,

You go and then I can finally breath in,,
Cuz baby I know in the end you're never leaving,,

Well we rarely ever sane,,
I drive you crazy and you do the

But your fire fills my soul,,
And it warms me up like no one knows

haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh,,, lovin it,!!!


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