Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, September 6



i felt really2 sick today,,
i wakeup at about 5.30,, and felt that my stomach isnt at its right palce,, its damn twisting,, huhu
i ran up as quicky as possible to my bathroom, and.... well you dont wanna know what happens there,, hehe,, and take a shower to go to my morning class,, huhu,,

after my first class,, my stomach is still twisting,,and i'm not as happy as usual,, hehe,,

cape ah gw,, lg g mood,, huhu,, kemarin gw k ciwalk, nonton monster house,, trus pulang, beli martabak,, dan kynya gara2 martabak itu d,, huhu,, skarang kalo ngebayangin martabaknya,, jadi mau muntah,, huhu,, oke d,,


oia, mnster house itu film serem bukan fim kocak,, atleast itu yg temen2 gw bilang,, hehe,,

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