Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Tuesday, December 6

fly away,,

keren d,, huehe,,

If I could, fly away
Ooo and I wouldn’t come back no more
I, I’d turn around,
Just to see you for the last time,
See, now I know
Hey, that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

Man, it’s the longest yard I ever had to get in my life
And see my life ain’t right, if my wife don’t write
My niggas cant eat if the fish don’t bite
My raise the gross sales, like Mike and Ike
Now big brother almighty
I keep a gamma ray, i’ma G-5 G
Take a G-5 jeep, G-5 deep
Too some of their bare feet
And that jeep don’t speak
Listen mayne they lock it down round herre
See body bag and gag and your found round herre
This as serious as it sound round herre
The guards guard the ground, 4 pounds round herre
And they ain’t playin, they’re just lettin you know
That anything they want to happen, nigga happen real slow
Get the word from upstairs, put you in that hole
I cant take it, I’m just ready to go

I’m in my cell 20 hours a day
And doin push-ups ever hour a day
Cause im tryin to keep the cowards away
Thats why im markin off the calendar days
Tryin to get it out of the way
And im just tryin to keep a piece of mine
And im gon shame a motherfucker with a piece of mine
Cause he tryin to take a piece of mine
So im gon slice his ass a piece at a time
But now that they close the door
Lock me in, in a cell 30 deep but its built for 10
Tell me what kind of world they got you in
With the barbed wire fences, box u in
From now, til they turn off the lights
I’ma read anything in sight
Its kinda hard tryin to read at night
But I’ma change my life
And hope another brother take this flight

huehehe,, nelly--fly away, ost longest yard,


Anonymous said...

kok g ada yg komen?


ninda_the_sapi said...

hahaaaaaaaaa.. memang.. cuma aku sama amar yang setia kasi komen :P
memang2 pacar yang setia..
*Amar apa aku?? ;)*