Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, December 14

born to love u,,

lirik,, jackson 5- born to love u,,

Girl, as you walk by
I see the sign so deep inside.
I knew it had to be
When you smiled for a little while.
I heard the same rhapsody
So lovely and so fair.
I knew right then and there
That you were made for me.
And it wasn’t hard to see
Guess I was born to love you.

Darling i, I was born to love you
Give my love to no one but you.
This is a man with the future in his hands
Don’t let go, don’t let go,
Baby, don’t let go.

You better come on
And take my hand
Cuz I can’t understand
This feeling in my soul
But I know that I would rather die
Than to let this feeling go
Oh, now, girl, can you see
That this was meant to be?
It’s funny but it’s true
Guess I was born to love you

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